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Why Design Conversation Still Matters - Saturday Indesign

Saturday Indesign offers inspiration overload connections and inspiration

Among a bustling digital age, creatives are adapting to new design methods and practices behind the screen, but how do we keep the design conversation going? Saturday Indesign may be the answer you’re looking for.

The creative process is no longer constrained to the limits of a piece of paper and a pencil. The new normal of the technological era presents a new kind of design thinking – as seen through the computer screen. But how can an interface ever become as authentic, as tactile, and as genuine as having face-to-face contact with design itself? 

Design has the capacity to motivate, inspire, engage, surprise and entertain by breaking through the screen and offering first-hand experiences. Sitting right at this important nexus is Saturday Indesign, a one-day design event that blurs the barriers between designer, product and the end user. Coming to life as an engaging and immersive event-cum-conference, Saturday Indesign is for dreamers, makers and most importantly designers. A highlight on the design calendar, Saturday Indesign reminds the community that design is more than a screen – it is a social matter with the ability to inspire and delight. 

Designers have the power to translate strategies, ideas and concepts through physical forms. Saturday Indesign is designed with intention in how ideas and physical products are presented through more than just conference talks, and especially through more than a mere screen. Through a carefully curated selection of projects, products and speakers attendees are meticulously lined up to take in new kinds of learning and experiences. 

Putting everyone on an equal playing field, from first-time novices to design veterans and creative experts, Saturday Indesign pushes past the aesthetics of the computer screen and provides a gateway to experience the very best in an inviting and vibrant environment. There is nothing more energetic than opening your eyes and ears to discover the industry’s brightest minds and revolutionary products. Being among the electrifying atmosphere of conversations, networking and knowledge will all come together to illuminate the special culture of design. 

Rather than clicking and filtering product lists on websites, Saturday Indesign offers inspiration overload in a short amount of time with an impressive roster of brands and showrooms for everyone to take delight in. Whether it’s at a talk, installation or the latest showroom space, Saturday Indesign delivers in creating invaluable memories by diving deep into the creative world. 

These days, we are taught to design for on-screen or off-screen, in RGB or CMYK – and at Saturday Indesign, the community is invited to step away from the screen and to experience creative brilliance in motion. 

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Melbourne Saturday 22 June

WRITTEN BY Emily Sutton