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Miele's Smart and Efficient Cooktop

It’s not news that the way we design our homes is largely informed by the way we live and, more so, the things we use. Advances in technology and design that consider space are resulting in modern appliances that are less visible, making for more flexible solutions in the home.


Creating a product that has a dual function is somewhat of a holy grail for industrial designers, as it adds value for the user and can simplify their life, something we are big on at HouseLab. Miele’s new TwoInOne cooktop that combines induction cooking with an integrated down-draught extractor is a prime example of this thinking.

Ultimately, by including the extractor into the cooktop, you can position your cooktop anywhere, removing the need for a wall mounted range hood or overhead extractor. It is one less thing to install, look at, and one less surface to clean as it incorporates a grease filter which can be removed and placed in the dishwasher. As you would expect, and like most of the innovations that are making their way into our homes, there is some serious tech behind this system as it automatically adjusts the power to the extractor based on the cooktop settings, and will even turn itself off once the job is done.

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