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The iridescent Low Life collection by Numan/For Use for Prostoria at the Salone del Mobile

With Milan Design Week 2019 fresh in her memory, Michele Kearney, Managing Director of Interstudio, gives us a taste of what is new and how sustainable materials are gaining popularity.


One of the first things to hit when entering Salone del Mobile Exhibition, was that colour was back. No longer were the stands a sea of grey and beige – colour was everywhere.

In some respect, the colours presented a throwback to the 70s, and this came through with a number of designs. None more so than the collaboration of Prostoria with Numan / For Use. They took this one step further by creating the new, fabulous modular lounging Loop and Low Life Collection, which was extremely popular with a number of brands. One could say they were almost paying homage to the times of Studio 54!

That is not to say that the beautiful, simple but elegant, Scandinavian designs are not to be found, and timber still very much has its place.


Emeco, in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Navy Chair, have introduced a timber version – crafted from local sustainable wood from the Amish community in Lancaster in the USA.

In collaboration with Barber & Osgerby, Emeco also released On and On. It is a stackable chair made from 70% recycled PET, and the name comes from the fact that it is 100% recyclable – hence the name On and On.


Designing and manufacturing sustainable products is still very much to the fore, and exhibitors were extensively highlighting this point.


Prostoria and Emeco are available in Australia through Interstudio