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The Fink water jugs by Robert Foster have been the perfect gift for over 20 years

We bet you're just starting to make that Christmas shopping list… and where to start? Well, this Christmas why not give the gift of Australian design?

We’ve barely scratched the surface on the diversity of options, but here’s a few things to get you started and hopefully make life a little easier on everyone.

Helen Kontouris' Field tray for Pen


Australian’s love their food, almost as much as the Italians, which is probably why so many of our local designers have worked with Alessi creating egg cups, fruits bowls and cheese knives.

Made a little closer to home, the Kink range of oil and vinegar bottles by Deb Jones for Adelaide’s JamFactory are a local design classic, as is the anodised aluminium Fink jug designed by the late Robert Foster in 1993.

Combining these with Adam Goodrum’s Normann Timber Trivet for Normann Copenhagen, and Helen Kontouris’ 3 tier Field tray for Pen, and the table is almost set.

The 1000 pieces of Clemens Habicht's 1000 Colours jigsaw puzzle


If you’ve got some time on your hands over January then here’s a challenge or two for you, or a way to really frustrate a family member.

The 1000 Colours jigsaw puzzle by Clemens Habicht breaks the colour spectrum down into 1000 pieces for you to put back together. No amount of Photoshop will help in getting this done, but the range is soon to expand to a simpler 100-piece puzzle. Though, if you are truly determined, you could try the 5000 piece edition!

Equally mind-boggling is Chessplus, created by Christian Simpson and industrial designer Adam Laws. Most of us find chess hard enough without considering that each piece in this version can be split in two, combining the powers of different pieces, resulting in a faster, more fluid experience once you have your head around it.

Timepiece by Daniel Emma for AÃRK Collective


It’s a busy time of year – lunches, dinners, parties and … we’ve all got a family member or friend who is notoriously late…

Melbourne’s AÃRK Collective have collaborated with designers like Daniel Emma to produce a range of simple, yet beautifully crafted, timepieces. From Swiss and Japanese Quartz movements to hand-dipped castings, the materiality and attention to detail make them a perfect gift for him or her.

Keeping things simple really is the best way to stay organised and Adam Cornish’s Arris wall clock, for Italian manufacturer Alessi, shows just how exciting simplicity can be. Formed from a steel disc that is bent along its middle axis, it reflects the room in some rather beautiful and unexpected ways.

Of course staying organised isn’t all about knowing the time. Appearing in the 2016 Oscars goodie bags and winning an Australian International Design Award, the Memo Bottle is now accompanied by a series of leather sleeves that mean you can carry your water, keys or phone in the same vessel. And speaking of keys, the OrbitKey range gets rid of that annoying jangle of keys, bringing them together with the option of a USB key, in what you could describe as an elegant Swiss army knife.

The Cylinder incense burner by Addition Studio


When it comes down to it, we all just really want to chill out over summer so treating yourself or a loved-one to something relaxing is perhaps the perfect gift to see out the year.

Ryan Hanrahan, better known as Addition Studio, produces a range of candles, oils and incense based on Australian natives. To match, he has create a series of candle holders and burners and some native body scrubs to complete the experience.

Based in Paddington, Gascoigne & King’s range of candles includes some nifty little travel candles – ideal for a bit of glamping or a beach-side picnic, but don’t forget the Feel Good inc sunscreen, made in Australia of course.