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HouseLab launches full service

HouseLab Plus gives you all the benefits of our digital handover kits but we do all the work – saving you time and money. 


Simply provide us with your client's details and documentation.


We'll create the account, organise your files and upload everything.


On your behalf, we'll send your client their HouseLab login, giving them access with your brand on it.

The HouseLab+ service includes:

  • All the property details uploaded, including your branding.
  • Digital files organised and uploaded, ready for handover.
  • Creation of any essential reminders for new residents such as when your warranty period expires or essential tasks to ensure warranties don’t become void.
  • A letter to the new residents outlining the features of their digital home.
  • 24 hour turnaround time.

With a one-off $300 (+gst) fee, your handover will be transformed from a folder of printed documents or USB key into a cloud-based digital home.

  • Simply supply us with the property details and documents, and we'll do the rest.
  • Improve your customer experience and drive positive word-of-mouth referrals. 
  • Utilise our defect management system to manage all pre and post occupancy maintenance requirements.

Or you can use our self-service option for a one-off charge of $100 (+gst) per property. 

Builders love HouseLab

It’s reduced time and costs and transformed the way we manage our defects and maintenance issues, it’s been a winner for us. I would recommend HouseLab to any construction company that wants an extremely professional and well managed software program to manage defects, and very importantly, manage owners expectations. 

Dan Iurada

Director, Iurada Property Group

“It’s faster, it’s cheaper, it’s more sustainable, it aligns itself with our businesses core values. I think ultimately it’s a great product that the end user gets a lot of value out of.”

Jan Gyrn, MD Modscape

Home owners love HouseLab

I absolutely love HouseLab! I've already recommended it to others and can see a huge benefit of getting information and paperwork out of the filing cabinet and into an cloud based system that can be accessed anywhere I am. It keeps me well organised and saves me time as I can find what I am looking for easily.


We'll save you time and money on your next handover

Find out how by contacting chris@houselab.com.au or directly on 0417 116 771