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Grilling then chilling with Escea’s fireplace kitchens

Escea Fireplace

Escea's latest outdoor wood cooking fireplace, the EK Series Fireplace Kitchen, provides all the goods needed for the ultimate smoky meat lover's feast. It comes equipped with an Ember Generator, 13-point adjustable cooking plates, grills and meat hooks. 

When designing the latest ConceptSpace for HouseLab, Melonie Bayl-Smith, Principal at Bijl Architecture, was looking for a solution to embrace outdoor cooking as well as creating a space for people to congregate. She chose the integrated Escea fireplace/outdoor cooking system, allowing preparation to occur outside and for food to be readily cooked and enjoyed in the casual outdoor area with minimal movement through and around the space. 

It was important for the project 'Come Together' to truly embrace the notion that we can create completely flexible spaces that are highly functional and improve the way spaces are experienced and lived in. The fireplace complements the cooking appliances inside and allows for easy grilling of freshly harvested vegetables from the garden, providing a way to achieve different flavours that can only be obtained by open flame.

'We drew on Argentinian BBQ methods and brought in a chef to advise us when developing this cooking fireplace,' explains Alex Hodge, Lead Designer for Escea.

'The cooking capability is a big drawcard of this product, but being Escea, we also had to make sure we gave our customers a really great fireplace too.'

Once the cooking is done, the equipment hides seamlessly away underneath in a stainless steel hideaway drawer. Leaving you with a large firebox and roaring outdoor fire to relax in front of into the small hours.

Escea’s Fireplace Kitchen is constructed from 4mm steel, ensuring it is built to last and withstand the outdoor conditions. There are three sizes to choose from, 950mm, 1250mm and 1550mm wide.

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