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Cosm Chair

The Cosm Chair

The home office is becoming an important inclusion to the residential landscape due to the rapidly growing self-employed and the flexible workforce blurring the lines between the home and the workspace.


This is being driven by demand. Twenty-five percent of Australians are calling home “the office” at least one day a week, whether this is working for themselves or others. Among them, 2.8 million self-employed people consider home their primary place of work, according to consultancy Global Workplace Analytics. 

Available in six colors, Herman Miller’s Cosm chair features a sophisticated ergonomic design meant to respond to your body, movement, and posture, providing a natural balance for full support.

The Cosm Chair by Herman Miller is a prime example of a design aesthetic and function that means the chair fits both home and work spaces seamlessly. 


The chair’s frame and fabric suspension work in tandem with an auto-harmonic tilt feature. This means that it responds intuitively to the person using it, their unique contours and movements, delivering uninterrupted support and thermal comfort for years to come. Even elements like its hourglass-shape provide areas of high and low tension, giving comfort to wherever it is needed most. The tilt alone doesn’t make Cosm the designers’ most refined design to date; a meticulous process of prototyping hundreds of hand-sculpted and 3D-printed parts paved the path towards a seating experience unlike any other.

Matt Woods specified it in his 'Eye in the Sky' Concept Space for HouseLab as it complemented the design and functional needs of the space.

The Matt Woods designed 'Eye in the Sky' - a functional. modular based multi-residential apartment.

Available in six different colours, three new saturated tones and three classic Herman Miller options, all components of Cosm are colour matched. The distinct colours are designed and manufactured to intermingle with Herman Miller's family of brands, resulting in a seating apparatus that is compatible in performance and beauty. To further dematerialise the chair and revolutionise it to become a structural element, Studio 7.5 coins the term “dipped-in-colour”, though it also comes with the option to mix and match different coloured parts.

“Cosm fosters great connection, creativity, productivity and ultimately, greater prosperity for all.” – Laura Guido-Clark, creative director of material innovation at Herman Miller

For the Berlin-based designers at Studio 7.5 – Carola Zwick, Roland Zwick and Burkhard Schmitz – the Cosm represents something of a holy grail: a design that creates a new reference point for instant, personalised comfort. The Auto-Harmonic Tilt in particular has been a goal they’ve worked toward for years.

The design in the early stages. Image courtesy of Studio 7.5


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