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Art for all

The storeroom at Art Bank holds works by established and emerging artists, all available to be rented. Photograph by Tom Ferguson.

Purchasing a work of art is a very personal thing. It can be daunting and costly, though there are some new government innovations making it easier to adorn your freshly painted walls with a more colourful palette.

The COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme, initiated by the Tasmanian Government, provides loans of between $1000 and $8500 to Australian residents wishing to purchase works by participating Tasmanian artists and makers. Covering everything from photographs to furniture, the scheme has seen a wealth of creators on the Apple Isle sign up to the program and the benefits are twofold.

The studio of Simon Ancher Studio in Launceston is part of the COLLECT program and offers a full range of art, design and objects.

First, a loan through the COLLECT scheme is interest free with no application or administration costs and it works through direct debit. Second, the creator is paid at the time of purchase, meaning they can keep producing – a major reason for the scheme, which is intended to promote the growth in local talent, perhaps on the back of the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) effect.

In New South Wales, Art Money functions in a similar fashion. As its website says – 10 payments. Interest free. It is a simple concept that works for all, making art that little bit more affordable and accessible.

Small regional galleries such as the Egg 7 Dart on the south coast of New South Wales make use of the Art Money initiative to make art more accessible. Shown here their recent show by UMBRA by Christopher Zanko.

Another option is Artbank, which holds the largest collection of contemporary art in Australia. Another government initiative supporting artists, but also making art accessible, its approach is to lease works of art to homes or businesses at extremely affordable rates. With a minimum annual spend of $550, the sky is the limit and $5500 a year will see you hanging a Jeffrey Smart.

The depth of Artbank’s collection is impressive, and completely Australian, with its collection available nationally. It also takes care of delivery and installation, guiding you on how to ensure the works are covered in your home and contents insurance at a minimum expense.

Like COLLECT and Art Money, Artbank ensures the paint keeps mixing for our local artists, while getting the work onto the walls of those who want it.

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