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A Softer Touch

Miele's Artline series of in-built appliances streamlines the cooking experience in functionality and aesthetics.

Moving beyond connectivity, modern appliances are now focussing on the design principle of ‘less-is-more’ – disconnecting us from the tasks that distract us and making for a simpler life.

Formerly the place to hang the tea-towel and the entry–way to a Sunday roast, built-in appliances no longer require hand-holding. Like key-less entry to a car or a home – ovens, fridges and dishwashers can now be opened with the tap of an intuitive, or invisible, button.

It’s a creative way of thinking that has a knock-on effect to the design of our homes – meaning kitchens can be more streamlined in both aesthetics and smarts. Revolutionary in many ways, like creating a living room without a television, kitchens can now be seamless – blending appliances with joinery and opening the door to a better way of cooking. 

Going beyond the internet-fridge, appliances are also becoming an operating system for our homes. And, as a result, they are getting to know us. Smarter than your average smart-phone, everyday items like your coffee machine and grinder can now speak the same language and communicate back to us in a way we understand.

These days, changing a setting on your coffee machine can tell your grinder exactly how to mill the beans – meaning you can still feel like a skilled Barista but without the years of experience. 

Breville's Oracle Touch fully automated espresso machine takes the grind out making your daily coffee.

“It’s not about being smart for smart’s sake,” says Gerard White – Global Design Manager for Beverage and Toast at Beville’s Sydney headquarters. “It’s about real value and a richer experience. Taking away the hard tasks but still delivering the feeling that you have created something.” 

Traditionally in Australia we know Breville for their toasties, or what we prefer to call Jaffles, but they are also on the cutting edge of technology. Their touch screen coffee machines, like Miele’s Touch2Open in-built appliances, mean you can go from device to device at the click of a button.

Miele's SoftTouch technology makes cooking even more of a sensory experience.

A sensory experience, yes, our culinary options are expanding and these days putting on the Sunday roast is as easy as clicking an icon on your phone. Another initiative by Miele is SoftOpen whereby an appliance door gently opens – elegantly, without any hand-holding – and without a handle.

In addition, touch screens enable a more intuitive experience, regardless of your taste. It’s not just about being able to download a recipe; the future is in that recipe helping you make the meal and being exactly where you need it. We are headed to a place where cooktops actually help you cook and save you time, energy and ultimately – money.

As Miele designer, Dr Christiane H says “… Perfection means creating something unique in an unmistakable aesthetic. A design that stands for perfect simplicity and ease of use.” And it is that approach, combined with a little bit of gadgetry that will make our kitchens a smarter place to make.


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