HouseLab is a great new system for builders, developers, architects, designers, real estate agents and homeowners. Warranties, manuals, plans, permits, paint colours, key contact details can be uploaded to a secure, branded online hub and then handed over — elegantly, sustainably and simply. Includes systems to support defect management and periodic servicing.


HouseLab can boost your business
Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Developers, Real Estate Agencies and Body Corporates
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Improve your customer experience and professional image

  • Build strong, positive relationships with your clients through improved communications and transparency
  • Integrate your branding with the platform
  • Collect real-time customer feedback to help improve your offering

Improve business efficiencies

  • Reduce time and cost when preparing for handovers
  • Gain product and supplier insights to help specify your next project

Reduce your post-handover support costs

  • Store all building and appliance documentation allowing easy access for your customers
  • Streamline your defect management process with an online tool for reporting and remediating. Use for an individual property or a multi-residential development

Keep a digital record of all your projects

  • Archive all your past projects for quick reference on future projects
  • Reuse archived documents and save time on future handovers

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HouseLab makes life easier at home
Home Owners and Renovators
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Forget the messy kitchen drawer

  • Store all your manuals, warranties, receipts and other important documents in your own secure area
  • Access all your records and documents quickly and easily
  • Create a simple inventory of your home contents to make insurance claims simple

Take control of your renovation

  • Store all your project communication in one place
  • Get tips and insights from industry professionals

Maintain your home easily

  • Never forget what needs to get done with email reminders and online alerts
  • Keep records of all your maintenance activity and add value to your home when it comes time to sell

What does HouseLab do?



Create one or more projects


Create an account to for a renovation or new build



Keep your client up to date


Track project or home related expenses



Upload every essential document


Store and search essential documents



Connect with your client and team


Create a team to help manage your project



Set up an ongoing maintenance schedule for your clients


Reminders of key events and tasks



Your project digitally, simply and securely


Transfer your account if you want to sell your house



The defect process with your client, builder and body corporate


Manage and maintain your home digitally

Who can use HouseLab?

Home Owners Builders Architects & Designers Developers & Real Estate Agencies

Home Owners

Manage your own renovation or maintain your home simply and easily with everything you need at the click of a button.

Protect your largest investment by storing everything on the cloud, never lose any important documents again.

Elwood House by Therefore Studio | Photograph by Thomas Blachford.


Simplify the handover process and provide your customers with a digital home.

Reduce post-handover costs and easily manage defects.

Sundream House by Create Architecture | Photograph by Andy Macpherson.

Architects and Designers

Provide your clients with all the right documentation for an improved experience at the end of a project.

Customize HouseLab to create a lasting impression.

Reid Street House by Neil Architecture | Photography by Hilary Bradford.

Developers & Real Estate Agencies

Build a meaningful relationship with your customers by providing them with an online account to manage their new home.

Reduce post-occupancy costs by ensuring your customers have everything they need.

Increase referrals and listings by ensuring your company is front of mind.

Allow easy access to essential building information and defect tools to body corporate managers.

Nightingale 1 by Breathe Architecture | Photograph by Peter Clarke.

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The HouseLab platform is priced to suit your needs.

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